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How we came about / History

“I had been working as a Case Manager in the disability field since 1997 working with clients with various disabilities with DHS packages including linkages and the Slow to Recover program.
In 2003 I commenced providing Case Management services for the TAC (ABI spinal team) and have continued to work in this field since building my reputation as a specialist Case Manager.
In 2011 I was approached to provide case management by a family who were caring for their mother with Dementia. They wanted their mother to remain living at home with CM in place to manage the program and ensure she received the best quality care from trained and experienced staff, throughout their mothers Dementia process.
It was at this time that Raquel Stephenson and I joined forces combining our expertise to support this client for 5 years at home until she passed.
Following the success of this we formed what was initially Complete Dementia Care and is now known as Complete Care Specialists where we continue to provide specialist high quality services in the area of CM and Dementia Care.
Lee Wilkinson
“If a service like Complete Dementia Care had been available to my family when our father was diagnosed with Dementia we would have been empowered with increased choices and the knowledge to explore options other than placing our Dad in Nursing Home Care. This would have in part, alleviated some of our emotional heartache attached to the disease process. More crucial to this, a return to our focus as daughters, rather than Dad's carers, would have been possible.”
Raquel Stephenson

Lee Wilkinson

Lee Wilkinson is a qualified psychologist with degrees in disability and psychology.  Lee has over 23 years' experience in complex case management supporting individuals with various disabilities and specialising in the areas of ABI, spinal cord injury, dual diagnosis, and more recently, dementia care.   Lee has an excellent knowledge of the disability and aged care systems and has worked with various funders including DHHS (Slow to Recover), TAC, Workcover, NDIS, Transitional Care, Funds in Court, and privately funded clients.

Lee has sound knowledge and experience in working with government bodies such as VCAT, the Office of the Public Advocate, State Trustees and understands the requirements in setting up successful and sustainable care programs for her clients, and works well with their families, medical professionals and therapists.

Raquel Stephenson

Raquel Stephenson is a qualified Registered Nurse with degrees in both General and Psychiatric Nursing.  Raquel has had over 32 years' experience working in Dementia Specific Assessment wards and Psychogeriatric Nursing Homes. After moving from the hospital setting 12 years ago, Raquel has set up and been managing in home care programs and supporting those in the community with dementia and their families to keep their loved ones at home throughout the dementia process.

Raquel has been involved in dementia education and training throughout her career and has set up management systems to allow these programs to run smoothly.

She also provides specialist and complex Case Management to support individuals with various disabilities.  In this role, Raquel works closely with and supports the client, their families, carers, therapists, medical professionals and funding bodies to ensure the client receives services and care of the highest quality to remain living in their home.

Our Carers

Our care staff have extensive dementia experience, are discreet, compassionate, caring and supportive.  They are experienced across all areas of caring for someone with Dementia.

Our care staff focus on delivering tailored support and care that is unique to your loved one and their needs allowing them to live the life they want.

Our Case Managers

CCS Case Management is supported by staff that possess an unparalleled commitment to client care.  Our Case Managers all have extensive disability experienced and are professional, caring and supportive.  Our case managers specialise in the areas of general disability, ABI and Spinal Cord injury. 

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